Cornwall Coal Sales LLC.
  We dig coal.

Cornwall Coal Sales is the largest continuously operating wholesale and retail coal merchant in New York's Hudson Valley. Purchased by the Kohns in 1965, the coal yard is currently operating under their third generation. The business remains a friendly, reliable operation. Cornwall Coal is dedicated to delivering only premium anthracite coal. All sizes are tested to ensure consistent, low ash, high carbon product.

Currently, we service New York, New Jersey and southern Vermont with our hi-lift delivery trucks. Bulk shipments of 23-36 tons can be accommodated with our tractor trailers. With this service, we deliver in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. In addition to our delivery service, homeowners and business owners may pick up coal bagged or bulk and weighed on our 60ft. NYS Certified scale. Some of our customers have included anthracite dealers, homeowners, auto and truck garages, blacksmiths, mills, greenhouses and motels.

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Whatever your coal needs, we at Cornwall Coal Sales look forward to serving you.