Cornwall Coal Sales LLC.

Coal Delivery

Our services are friendly and reliable. No one wants a cold house and an empty coal bin! An order of our premium anthracite coal takes 7-14 days to process. Occasionally, deliveries may be processed sooner depending on the season and delivery status. Larger orders generally can be accommodated faster.

Coal deliveries are made in our hi-lift coal trucks, which is outfitted with several feet of coal chutes for a faster, cleaner operation. Typically, our customers have a coal bin in their basement or at the end of a driveway. As a rule, we try to discourage homeowners from placing their coal bins across grass areas. Grass deliveries are hard to accommodate due to wet weather. When placing an order, please specify whether we would have to cross grass.

We offer coal bins and coal bin plans for sale. For more information, please visit our Coal Bins page.