Cornwall Coal Sales LLC.

Coal Bins

If placement is an issue, remember, 1 cord of firewood requires a space of 4ft x 4ft x 8ft. A 4 ton coal bin requires 4ft x 5ft x 8ft. That is the equivalent to 4-5 cords of firewood in roughly the same footprint.

An integral component in your coal heating experience is the coal bin. Not only is the coal bin's storage capacity convenient for the customer, its accessibility and dimensions are also important for a smooth, quick delivery. In order to insure this, we manufacture "coal man friendly" bins at our facility.

Bins are sold as a 4-sided modular kit and range from 3-8 ton capacity. Complete bin kits are available at our coal yard or can be set up at your location.

For the hands-on customer, we offer bin plans for sale.